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Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Quandary Bros are on Patreon!

You heard right! The Quandary bro are now on Patreon!

People from all over ask me questions like,

"Why don't the Quandary Bros do daily Podcasts?"
Why is your equipment not the best thing ever?"
"Why does it take so long to get the podcast on itunes?"
"Why doesn't Kirb Brimstone loose weight?"
"Why does The Parrfection hate everything?
"Why can't you give Professor Dooms elocution lessons?"

Well as my dad use to say, "These things take money." Money makes the world go round and we need a spin!

If you like this awesomely excellent podcast then donate to The Quandary Bros' patreon  keep us running! Any amount helps!

In fact any donations over 10 dollars will receive one of these swanky posters:

Donations over 20 dollars will receive this awesome 'The Quandary Bros' Mug:

So give us your money or else!

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